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You asked, we heard you. Heritage Denim is now fully available on our website! Due to popular demand, our denim is completely stocked, versatile, and fits any occasion you're going to. Whether you're hanging out with the girls or going out on a date night, our Heritage Denim collection suits everything for everyone. 

Made with the finest cotton materials, every piece provides stretch, comfort, durability, and long lasting looks for your wardrobe. You can also mix and match skirts with jackets and now the newly included shacket! What are shackets? They're a combination of jackets and shirts but made to accent and dress up your looks if needed. 

The purpose of this whole collection is to bring you trendy yet stylish fabrics and pieces that flatter any body shape but also fit everyone's needs. Heritage Denim became popular a few years ago and continues to be one of our most popular brands in our stores! 

Ready to shop the whole collection? View the whole collection here and find your next fashion bestie! Tag us on Instagram @thegallery_collection and show us how you style our Spring Collection!