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A Warm Welcome from Simi
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A Warm Welcome from Simi

Hey Gallery gals,

I would like to officially welcome each one of you to Shop the Gallery's website. This has been a year in the making and I am so excited that we are finally online! Shop the Gallery is all about lifestyle and carefully curating pieces that are meant for everyone and in-style every season. I am truly humbled to see this website and our pieces come to life and I'm excited to share more with you! 

How will Shop the Gallery work? Our goal is to bring you something new every 2-3 weeks and grow every collection we launch. We're here to show you new pieces and collections very frequently all while giving you the best experience! We're saying goodbye to cliché launches and products and bringing you the best pieces of clothing of the best material. 

On top of releasing new clothing every few weeks, you'll be able to read our G Blog where you read style guides, how-to tutorials, and learn from some of our designers and stylists on how we curate our clothing. Shop the Gallery is a one stop for all your fashion needs whether you have a question about a product or need help with your orders. For us, seamless shopping is our priority for each one of our customers. 

So as you navigate our website and shop our pieces, I do hope you enjoy the shopping experience, the quality, and our store overall. I am so excited to continue growing Shop the Gallery and hope that you continue to shop and support our business!

With much love,