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How to Style Heritage Denim with Stylist Esty
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How to Style Heritage Denim with Stylist Esty

Hey Gallery girls!

It's Esty! HD is finally now online and in-stores with new styles and beautiful quality fabrics suited for everyone. But you may be asking, how do we style denim? I'm here to help you out and walk you through the process!

Denim has been a very popular fashion trend lately with stylists and influencers bringing back old school style outfits. With that, our denim collection offers a variety of pieces suited for you and the girls. From skirts to chic blazers and cropped jackets, there’s a piece for everyone. Denim is not only trendy but also brings out a clean yet professional look to your everyday looks. 

Denim is an everyday staple look. It’s fun and easy to mix-and-match with so you can pair any denim item with a pattern shirt you can find in-store or online. If you’re looking for a simpler everyday look, you can mix-and-match basic tops from our Cinnamon or Somner Collections. If you’re wearing one of our dresses, floral or basic, you can layer one of our denim bomber jackets or button up tops to give you a comfortable yet easy day-to-day look.

For our skirts, I recommend pairing it with a patterned top, it emphasizes your outfits and gives off a chic vibe. However, if you want a minimalistic look, you can add one of our basic shirts and a cute cardi for extra warmth and leisure! If you grab our denim dresses, match it with a cardi or bomber jacket for any occasion. With our denim, you can pair it with thick bangles and chunky jewelry or simple jewelry. As for shoes, I recommend flats (black, tan, beige, red, or yellow) or a pair of cute boots to amplify your style. 

Still need help styling your outfits? Visit one of our stores and meet with one of our stylists who can guide you on how to style your everyday looks!