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Style Guide: Styling Paisley Dresses
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Style Guide: Styling Paisley Dresses

Hi Gallery Girls!

It's Daniella! Some of you may have bumped into me in one of our stores and I may have helped you style up your outfits and freshen up your closets every season. Well, now you can add blogger to my list because now you'll see me pop up in your notifications with style guides and the latest fashion trends in our stores!

Anywayyyyy, now that the introductions are done, let's get into it! The Summer Soirée Collection is now available in-store and online! With this collection we've added a few more satin fabrics, more Cinnamon cardis, but now cute paisley prints that are TOTALLY in for the upcoming summer. 

Here are a few ways you can style our Element Paisley Dresses:

 Element on Element: Satin Wrap Tops + Paisley Dress

 In the Soirée Collection, we're bringing more fabrics and prints that scream summer fun! One of my favorite looks is pairing the Element satin wrap top and paisley dress for a more refine yet chic moment. Our Element wrap tops come in neutral colors and you can mix and match with any of the paisley dresses! I highly recommend adding a little flare to your wardrobe but also still keep a simple yet trendy look that is timeless! Both pieces are thin, breathable, and comfortable for any occasion you're planning this summer. 

Cinnamon and Element: Cardi + Paisley Dress

This 'fit is a quick one to put together if you're running out the door or need to run out for errands. Our Cinnamon classic and cable cardis are essential for any outfit because it layers you without making you break a sweat. Plus, adding the paisley dress like the model has it on is SUPER cute. 

Here are some looks to put together for this duo:
Cinnamon Forest Cardi + Green Paisley
Cinnamon White Cardi + Any Color
Cinnamon Feather Blue Cardi + Blue Paisley
Cinnamon Black Cardi + Any Color
Cinnamon Hot Pink + Beige Paisley
Cinnamon Taupe Cardi + Beige Paisley

The looks are endless! You can mix and match this 'fit any day of the week. Want to wear this look three times a week? We won't tell...

Point and Element: Poplin Shirt + Paisley Dress

The last look I will go over is the Shop Point Collection Poplin Shirt with the Element Paisley Dress. Not only is this complete layering technique to the next level but it gives almost an edge to your look. Both pieces are still breathable and provide comfort if you're with the kids or girlfriends. This is definitely a look I would wear if I'm going out for a couple drinks or hanging with my family. You can pair any Poplin shirt color with any of the Paisley dresses too just like Cinnamon cardis. This is definitely a cute yet edger look for you ladies who want to add a little spiciness to your wardrobe!

The Summer Soirée Collection is out now and trust me, you need to pick up the newest pieces because they WILL sell quickly because it's getting warmer. If you're unsure, definitely shoot us an email at or visit our Lakewood, NJ or Cedarhurst, NY locations! I can't wait to see and meet you all if you decide to come in! Let's get your wardrobe refreshened and updated to fit your seasonal needs!

See you soon!


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